Tamwily Consumer Website

Tamwily Consumer Website

Yousef M.A. Naghi & sons group is one of oldest and largest family run business of Saudi Arabia, catering sectors such as food production & packaging, FMCG, insurance and risk management, automotive industry, etc.

They are the official distributors of Land Rover, BMW, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mini Cooper & Hyundai in the kingdom. Tamwily, a leading auto leasing company in the country is a subsidiary of Yousef Naghi group. It is a customer-centric company that provides sharia-compliant auto leasing solutions.

Tamwily wanted to have a consumer website which should be transparent and easy to use for the public while aiming to generate more leads and business solutions. A dynamic website, featuring all the available cars and models for leasing with functions to filter choices by budget & car specifications, making it easier for the consumer to pick and choose, was developed.

The website also features a budget calculator, where the users can customize their financial leasing plan at ease, whenever & wherever they want. As a result, the number of customers served on the ground increased and the website became the primary source for customers to manage deals and collect the needed information fast and convenient.

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    February 4, 2019


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