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A corporate website focused on the luxury side of Jabal Omar real estate development project

The Goal

Re-design the corporate site. Make it user-friendly (keeping in mind the different types of visitors), help increase the no. of bookings. On the back-end, ensure the ease of content management.


Presenting the Jabal Omar project using high-quality creatives while ensuring top-notch user experience and website speed. Ensuring that the navigation and structure suit both corporate visitors and customers.

Tools Used

High-quality images, booking system, videos, sliders, animations, and diligently-planned navigation system.

The Idea

Because the website is both corporate- and customer-facing, we decided to use the top navigation to split the website into sections that will most likely be visited by different types of visitors.


After studying Jabal Omar’s branding guidelines, we created mockups of all pages and later cooperated with their marketing team to ensure all of their objectives regarding the content of the site are met.

JODC Guideline

Navigation & Structure

To show all the key aspects of the real estate development itself, we split the customer-focused part into three sections: Residential, Hospitality, and Retail and added Corporate drop-down menu for business visitors.

Booking & Sales

Once visitors choose to explore residential or hospitality, they are presented with more information about those parts of the project, as well as given the option to make a purchase or booking – all that in as little as three clicks from the moment they enter the website.

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JODC social

Social Proof

Because the project involves some of the biggest and most renowned brands in the world, we’ve taken the opportunity to use them as social proof and introduce them to the user as early as possible. For example, when choosing hotels, users can jump right to their preferred chain with one click.

Video Content

Because video is the most engaging and attention-grabbing type of online content, we’ve decided to add a few short clips showing certain parts of the project, as well as its potential customers. The videos are played in the background in the above-the-fold sections of the main pages and come with a convenient navigation system.

Additionally, we’ve implemented convenient access to the video library, where users can learn more about the real estate project

JODC video
JODC Colors

Colors & Typography

While choosing the font and colors we worked closely with the Jabal Omar marketing team to ensure that the overall design of the site aligns with the positioning of the brand. Sans-serif Tanseek Modern Pro Arabic is a clear font that suits any website that’s rich in visual content.


  • Clear top menu and simplified site structure have significantly reduced the number of clicks required to find requested information or make a booking. Thanks to the separate corporate menu item, the navigation is clear for all types of users.
  • High-end visuals used on the site create a feeling of luxury and comfort, emphasizing the unique character of this real estate development.
  • Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, Jabal Omar team can update and manage all the content themselves.

About the Brand

The Jabal Omar construction project is a multi-use real estate mega-development in the heart of Makkah, within a walking distance to the Grand Mosque. It was developed to help the visitors coming to this most sacred place find peace, harmony, and content. The project offers unique style, mixing traditional Islamic style with a touch of modern design.

The development is composed of 40 towers situated on 16 structural bases. Visitors can shop in one of a few malls and stay in one of the many five- and four-star hotels, luxurious apartments and residential units, all of which can host up to 100,000 guests during Hajj season.

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