Munch Bakery Viral Video Campaign

Munch Bakery

How we hit 1,000,000 views and built brand awareness in a local market in under 4 days with Munch Bakery – today Saudi Arabia’s #1 cake brand

The Goal

Reinforce the brand’s catchphrase and increase its recognition.

The Challenge

The brand’s catchphrase, as well as its whole brand positioning is in English, while its target audience consists of Saudi and Arabs living in Saudi Arabia – which makes it harder for communication in English to get through to the final consumer.

Tools Used

A memorable and entertaining YouTube video that’d help achieve the main goal while driving shares and traffic to the brand’s website (secondary goal).

The Idea

Play on similarities between the word munch and much. Slowly introduce the main character in the video to the brand – so that viewers who have never heard about the brand before can discover it together with her.


To make sure that the video aligned with the emotions and feelings associated with the brand (happiness, warmth), we’ve decided to make it look casual and amateur (home, relaxed atmosphere, natural light, fixed camera position).

For the video, we’ve decided to cooperate with Sara Forsberg (known also as Sara Smoukahontas), who did a great job at making the video funny and casual while further reinforcing the right emotions.

The catchphrase, together with the brand name, were used in a natural way just the right number of times to help viewers memorize it and associate it with Munch Bakery’s cupcakes.

Munch Bakery Insta


The video was uploaded to the Munch Bakery YouTube channel. Due to limited resources for the promotion of the video itself, it was first shared among friends and family members as a WhatsApp message with a link to the video. A 15-second-long trailer was also published on the brand’s Instagram profile, with a link to the full video on YouTube.


The video turned out to be a tremendous success. Positive reception from viewers and viral growth both had a great impact on brand recognition and catchphrase reinforcement. In terms of numbers, the video achieved:

  • 1 million views in just 4 days
  • 1.7 million within 2 weeks
  • Steady viewership growth of around 7,000 – 10,000 per day over the following days
  • Subscriber count growth from 1,600 to 8,500+ within 6 weeks after the video went live.

About the Brand

Munch is an American-style gourmet bakery specializing in cupcakes, cheesecakes, and customized cakes. Their mission is to come up with creative ways to share the taste of happiness with their customers When it was established, it was the first bakery in the region with a standardized menu.

Today, with 16 locations in 8 cities, Munch Bakery is Saudi Arabia’s most popular bakery specializing in cupcakes and has become a role model in its industry. Thanks to its great products and excellent marketing and branding, its reputation has made it a well-known brand even in the neighboring countries in the Arabian Gulf, the Levant, and North Africa.

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