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Al-Taj Cream has been in the Saudi market for more than 55 years

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Al-Taj Cream has been in the Saudi market for more than 55 years, but over time its market share has dropped due to new competitors and modern advertising techniques. Al-Taj had no communication with consumers, and its management decided to engage with their customers digitally. A project of such essence and history attached with the brand required a digitally intelligent idea that can revive market share.

Our solution was to generate engaging content, creating trends and dialogues to make users rekindle their association with the brand. We started with a complete overhaul of the brand’s social media channels, and designed a social media campaign called “Jidda Qeshta,” which translates to “The Grandmother of Cream.” The character of the grandmother; wise, joyous, traditional but trendy, with expertise in cooking and a unique habit of using Arabic proverbs in her everyday conversations to connect with consumers intellectually and emotionally.

A Facebook app featuring Jidda Qeshta was developed – a challenging online game where users had to complete the proverbs within a given time, and the difficulty of the game increased as the player advances to higher levels. All the winners were automatically registered for a grand prize drawing of Samsung electronics.

The app was highly acclaimed, generating a high engagement rate with 4,000 new followers in the first week of the game’s launch. We are proud to say that the core objective of communicating and restoring the reduced market share of Al-Taj Cream was achieved.

  • Client

    Al-Taj Cream

  • type of work

    Facebook App

  • Date

    March, 2014