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TAMWILY Mobile Application

Yousef M.A. Naghi & Sons is one of oldest and largest family-run businesses in Saudi Arabia. They are the official distributors of Land Rover, BMW, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mini Cooper & Hyundai in the kingdom. Tamwily, a leading auto leasing company in the country is a subsidiary of Yousef Naghi group. It is a customer-centric company that provides Sharia-compliant auto leasing solutions.

We developed a dynamic website with functions to filter choices by budget and car specifications, making it easier for the consumer to make their choices. The website also features a budget calculator, where users can customize their financial leasing plan whenever and wherever they want. But Tamwily also wanted to have a mobile application in addition to the website, with the aim of generating more leads and business solutions.

We developed a native mobile app with all of the website’s interactive features – available cars and models for leasing, filters for customized choices, and a budget calculator for users to create a financial leasing plan whenever and wherever they want. The admin panel allows Tamwily to manage all the app content with seamless integration from the website thanks to APIs that we developed specifically for this task.

  • Client

    Tamwily International Company

  • type of work

    Mobile App Development

  • Date

    May 2016