Al-Taj Cream Facebook App

Al-Taj Cream is the oldest and largest cream brand of Saudi Arabia, it has been in the market for over  55 years now but over time its market share has dropped due to a number of new competitors and modern effective advertising techniques. Up until the year 2000 Al-taj cream had no communication with the consumers but lately, due to the continuous drop in the market share, al-taj’s management decided to re-communicate with their consumers digitally.
A project of such essence and history attached with the brand required a digitally intelligent idea that can revive market share. Our solution was to communicate with consumers digitally, simply by generating engaging content, creating trends and dialogues to make users rekindle association with the brand, which has turned cold over the years. To break the ice Al-taj cream was invigorated on social media channels, for optimum exposure and digital impact. We designed a social media campaign called “Jidda Qeshta” which translates as Grandmother of cream. Character of the grandmother; wise, joyous, traditional & trendy, with the expertise of cooking and a unique habit of using arabic proverbs within her every day conversations. She was brought to life in order to connect with the consumers intellectually & emotionally.


A facebook app featuring Jidda Qeshta was developed. The app was a challenging online game, where the users had to complete the proverbs within the given time duration and the difficulty of the game increased, as the player advances to higher levels. All the winners were automatically registered for the grand lucky draw.
Towards the end of the campaign, the lucky draw winners were given samsung electronics as their winning prize. The app was highly acclaimed by the facebook audience and it further, proved to be a great idea for generating high engagement rate, evidence of which can be seen in the increased number of fan acquisition  from 0 to 4,000 within just the first week since the launch of Facebook game app. Whereas, it also achieved the core objective by communicating & restoring the reduced market share of Al-Taj Cream.