Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) has been struggling to overcome the menace of Coronavirus since the year 2013 but all their awareness campaigns and activation events had minimal impact upon the society, until during early 2015 the MOH felt the need to tackle the menace of coronavirus (MERS) digitally considering  that it as the fastest and the most effective way to spread their messages and generate awareness amongst people about how to prevent themselves and their loved ones from getting infected.


Social media friendly microsite

We suggested MOH with social media friendly microsite designed to serve as a general and multimedia information hub for the media and the public. Further, to encourage the public’s interest towards the campaign we have integrated twitter within the microsite in an ingenious way, where the users are able to make donations and boost up the reach of this social drive by donating their followers to MOH’s twitter account and allowing them to tweet on behalf of the donor.

The idea once implemented has been conceived positively by the public and twitter influencers of the region. The effective solution increased the reach from 0 to 2.8 million users within just one week and also initiated a large number of media kit downloads by the media, schools, organizations and other bodies which has expanded the reach of social drive further.