KRONUT – A croissant“ & doughnut crossover is pioneered by Munch Maleh in Saudi Arabia. The strategy implemented was aimed to create demand. So, the production was initially kept limited during first couple of weeks along with sales conditions such as, the availability of Kronuts during certain hours and by selling only 2pcs per person. The campaign to launch & promote Kronuts was designed mimicking local newspapers, to reflect the launch as an actual news event and buzz of the town. As a result the demand & popularity for Kronuts grew and people used to line up inside the store, only to buy Kronuts before the daily stock ends.

Munch Maleh

MUNCH MALEH – Breakfast & Lunch Deals

We have engineered & designed the breakfast and lunch offers for Munch Maleh, catering deals for the different sizes of consumer groups. All the creative visuals were boasted boasted across the internet and on Munch Maleh’s social media channels. As a result Munch Maleh witnessed great response from both the individual and corporate consumers, praising the idea of different deals for different size of gatherings and events.