In Saudi Arabia 2 types of fuels are available at all gas stations “Premium 91” where the pumps are colored green, and “Super Premium 95” where the pumps are colored red. Prior to 2006, only Super Premium was available and the public didn’t know what Octane rating was, therefore big educating campaigns were spread, telling the people to use the “95” only for high end cars, and save money on using the “91” for regular cars and trucks.


MyCar Saudi Aramco

So, when ARAMCO approached us with this project we right away recommended a dynamic microsite that shall appeal & influence the mass audience, it should showcase multiple scenarios and mimic the atmosphere of an everyday petrol station to spark interest & curiosity amongst the audience in a topic of such low interest locally. The microsite must have simple yet responsive interface with a brilliant user experience  (UI/UX) and a modifiable database of cars since year 1995 till today.






MyCar Saudi Aramco

Thus, to generate interest and to develop a mental connect with the public, the dynamic microsite is designed with very simple graphics, interactive user interface (UI), and is further developed in compliance to Saudi ARAMCO’s security standards. It is also optimized for multiple different browsers and devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Almost 97% of the of the microsite’s traffic is generated through smart devices and the link for the microsite till now has been shared up to 200,000 times on several mobile communication channels, however, it is still increasing as you read this.

The microsite has gained immense popularity among local and international audience, it has reached approx. 1.2 millions users, only within the first week of its launch during Saudi International Motor Show 2014.