SBM – Champions Annual Convention

SBM is the marketing & service representatives of IBM world trade corporation in Saudi Arabia. It is the  largest IT solutions and services providers, being the major partner of CISCO & SAP nationwide.
Since 1983, SBM has been hosting an annual convention every year at different locations around the globe to reward their 100 top performers. The conventions were previously been held at Tokyo, Japan. Venice & Florence, Italy. Cannes, France. etc
Since 2009, we have been appointed to design and develop the collateral materials for the annual convention therefore, to make it more expressive we started off by creating a name for the convention, calling it “Champions” and making it more exciting. For the first 5 years, brochures, information leaflets, travel accessories, luggage tags, etc were designed and developed. But since 2014 onwards we decided to go mobile, making it more convenient and hassle free for the Champions while travelling. To achieve what was still an idea during our creative team developed a mobile app, with features that will enhance the travel experience of the champions. The 2015 Champions mobile app featured almost everything a tourist would need in Lisbon, Portugal such as, qibla directions, famous locations, prayer timings, historical landmarks, currency converter, recommended restaurants, translator, and hangout spots, etc.

The mobile app also made it convenient for the event manager to post updates with just push notifications for every Champion on board. Furthermore, the Champions were able to share their experiences online on a social wall within the mobile app. In a nutshell, the mobile app had everything that the Champions would need while exploring a new city. The evolution of SBM annual convention to Champions is a story of creative ideas and innovative app development at its best.