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Complete Social Media Presence – From Branding to Advertising

Why Us?

We know how to use branding to establish long-term relationships with your audience. We understand how to make your brand recognizable and memorable, and what entices your audience to interact with you. That recognizability and frequent interactions between your brand and its followers are the keys to success in the social media world.

It doesn’t matter if you just want us to advise you and create branding and advertising creatives for your social media properties or would like the full package, which includes both organic and performance-based campaigns – we’ll help you change the way your brand presents itself on different social media platforms.


How We Change Your Social Media Game?

Learning About Your Brand

It all starts with researching your brand, and, most importantly – your audience. The people who will listen, follow, and interact with you on social.

Designing Creatives (Including Drafts)

Before we get to work on actual campaigns, we completely redesign your social media profiles. This includes both drafts and final designs, to ensure complete branding consistency.

First Campaigns Planning

Once the visual side of your social media properties is ready, we can start working on scheduling your first campaign – this includes both organic and performance (paid advertising) ones.

Ongoing Work & Reporting

Running successful social media profiles is a never-ending job. That’s when we keep testing your ads, creating new graphics, and writing new posts. And, of course, reporting to you on the progress!

Social Media Organic Campaign | Viral Video

Time to Take Your Social Media Presence to the Next New Level

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What We Can Do?

From improved brand loyalty and recognition to instant sales using social media funnels – properly planned and executed social media campaigns can speed up the growth of any business. But to do that, you need to make your social media properties stand out and align with the expectations of your audience.

Consistent SM Branding Strategy

Facebook Creatives – Images and Videos

Instagram Creatives– Images and Videos



Social Media Profile Redesign

Facebook & Twitter Ads

Instagram & LinkedIn Ads

Existing Social
Media Profile Audit

Facebook Organic Campaigns & Management

Twitter Organic Campaigns & Management

Instagram Management, Creatives & Videos

LinkedIn Profile Positioning and Consultancy

What’s the Difference?

Social media marketing services can be divided into organic and paid advertising. There are slight differences between the two – but, to achieve the best results, you need to use them together.

Social Media Organic Campaigns Management

  • Audience and content analysis
  • Profile audit and creatives design
  • Weekly & monthly content calendars
  • Post publishing & community management
  • Reporting & planning
  • No advertising budget required
  • Easier setup and management
  • More genuine interactions
  • Stronger brand loyalty
  • Limited reach on some platforms
  • Takes time to build a following

Social Media Performance Advertising

  • Audience & competitors research
  • Ad copy & creatives design
  • KPIs and benchmarks
  • Daily results monitoring, A/B testing and adjustments
  • Reporting & planning
  • Reach is limited exclusively by your budget
  • Excellent targeting options (especially on Facebook) allow you to reach people in different stages of their buyer’s journey
  • Possibility to achieve instant results
  • Requires you to spend money to reach people
  • You have to invest money in testing before you can enjoy positive ROI

While both approaches have their PROs and CONs, smart implementation of both organic & paid advertising can minimize their weaknesses while emphasizing the strengths – what can greatly improve the results and increase the chance your social media campaign goes viral. Ready to get started? Let’s start planning your social media marketing strategy:

Changing the Way Businesses Do Social – Regardless of Their Size or Industry

Social media branding and management is our bread and butter. We’ll help you reach new people and turn them into loyal returning customers – all that thanks to the power of consistent branding, social media interactions, and well-executed advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads and Organic Management

The biggest player in the social media landscape with the world’s leading advertising platform. Build a social following, interact with your fans and run highly-targeted advertising campaigns to reach people on every stage of their buyer’s journey. We’ll create high-quality, attention-grabbing images and videos that go in line with your advertising, manage your fan page, build a strong community, and help you target new customers.

Social Media Organic Campaign | Facebook App

Instagram Ads & Organic Management

Present your offer on one of the hottest and fastest-growing social media platforms with the highest user engagement. Almost two-thirds of all Instagram users visit business pages of companies they’ve had no prior relationship with. We’ll help you grab their attention, build a relationship and encourage them to buy your products and services. We offer the full package – profile audit, creatives, images, videos, content calendar, and Instagram Ads campaigns creation and management.

Social Media Organic Campaign | Viral Video | Instagram Short Videos

Twitter Ads & Organic Management

Grow your audience, share your brand’s mission and values, build trust and stay in touch with your current and potential customers. We offer complete Twitter marketing services that you need to generate targeted leads for your business. From profile creatives design to planning, monitoring and executing organic and Twitter ads campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads & Organic Management

Take advantage of the best platform for business professionals. Reach thousands of decision-makers from companies of all sizes. Grow your following and attract new customers both organically and using LinkedIn Ads. Build relationships and sell your products and services. Regardless of whether you’re a professional or an international corporation – we’ll help your business offer stand out from the crowd and get to those who’ll benefit from it.

Let’s Unlock the True Potential of Your Business

Shoot us a message and let’s talk about your branding needs. It doesn’t matter if you just need a new logo or want a complete branding strategy built from scratch – we’re here to help you out!