Western Union is one of the world’s largest & oldest money remittance company, it has been serving around the globe since over 160 years and 200 plus service agents worldwide.
Western Union wanted to create an emotional bond with its customers. They wanted the expatriates of different countries living in the GCC to talk about their lives & their journey in the host countries. Western Union asked participants to share glimpses of their personal and professional stories, and to share their proudest and happiest memories that illustrate their journey’s meaning and accomplishments.


A non-traditional, digital approach was the way to go, which can attract customers and encourage them to participate. Hence, after couple of brainstorming sessions and coffee talks, our team came up with an innovative idea “#MyYellowBrickRoad” – an online story portal that is aligned with the international standards of visual design, clarity, consistency, usability and also had a user friendly architecture.The microsite is designed in consistency with Western Union brand guidelines and is integrated with social media channels so people can easily share their stories online.
The story portal invites expatriates to provide responses to multiple choice questions, to generate interesting stories about their experiences living and working in their host country that would move others and inspire them to think of their own successes.
As a result 500+ stories were generated by the participants from 28 different nationalities. Therefore, the provided solution facilitated Western Union in achieving the campaign objective, by connecting with the customers, expats in the GCC, and additionally to establish their digital database.